Most women join with an annual membership to get the most of the experience!
This isn’t only possible, it will happen when you link arms with other women who are committed to the same things.
Most women join with an annual membership to get the most of the experience!

1. Support & Accountability: Transformation is so much easier when others are with you in the journey with a shared commitment to wholeness.

2. Energizing Empowerment: “You’ve got this! Cheering you on! Go girl! Remember your goal!” That’s frequently heard encouragement reminding you that there’s nothing better than women empowering other women.

3. Authentic Community: Skip surfacey relationships and share the real deal here. But we promise so much FUN, too! The brilliant women in our community share relational connections, ideas, and their own experience to expedite your growth.

4. Live & On-Demand: Sometimes you want an interactive experience and sometimes you need it now. Live elements alongside a growing library of on-demand resources get you what you need in all six wholeness dimensions.

5. Prioritize Yourself: Busyness and endless responsibilities pull you away from yourself. Regular touchpoints from our team help you pay attention to yourself first.

6. Leadership Development: We’re all about women leading fully in every space so we share content and make connections to help you increase your leadership skills and capacity.

7. Access to Exclusive Content: At the tip of your fingers, you get the ultimate insider experience with events, workshops, assessments, challenges, and downloadable resources (and more!) that’s not available anywhere else.

8. Brave Space to Belong: Being a woman in our world has unique challenges (hello Barbie movie for displaying in art!), which is why our members find this a valuable space to bring your whole self without judgment and find solidarity, connection, and healing.

9. Coaching with Results: Strategic next steps will get you meaningful results. We go deep so you get breakthrough. We won’t tell you what to do, but we’ll help you find your own way.

10. Guided Pathway: Dive deeper into each dimension without having to DIY your journey.

Most women join with an annual membership to get the most of the experience!
Wholeness is a lifelong journey and you’re much more likely to experience ongoing transformation in the company of other badass women. We prioritize this community with curated content and exclusive resources to support your wholeness journey - before, during, and after our Warrior Women coaching groups.
Specifically, every month you'll get:
  • Focused attention in one wholeness dimension - physical, emotional, mental, relational, spiritual, and renewal (which means we focus on each dimension twice per year)
  • Exclusive content: new, proprietary, and curated resources that are research-based, best practices getting you meaningful results
  • Weekly Study Hall as a co-working session to make it the most productive hour of your week 
  • Interactive Workshop on a timely topic in the monthly wholeness dimension
  • Wholeness Challenge to add a little fun and zesty competition to your transformation 
  • LIVE Q&A with me and other Warrior Women
  • Weekly check-in emails designed to encourage, motivate, and inspire you every step of the way
Beyond the monthly goodness, you'll get:
  • New Member Orientation video series to help you make the most of your membership
  • Access to our private Facebook group where we share resources, wins, and challenges to encourage one another
  • Access to April and our amazing coaching team
  • On-demand all access to our workshops, resources, assessments, pro tips, and more
  • Invitations to special events for fun and deeper connection
  • Extra member perks like discounts on products, services, or events
What do most women say is the best part? You don’t have to do this journey alone, and you get to do it at your own pace while getting the results that matter most to you!

You’ll never get stuck in your journey again. You’ll have the connections, community, content, and coaching you need to keep growing!
Most women join with an annual membership to get the most of the experience!

“Having access to April and the entire team for a year at this price is a no-brainer.”

“I know that without accountability, it’s more likely for me to slide back into my old ways, even despite my best intentions!”

“The weekly Study Hall is one of the most productive hours of my week, and I love that I get to do it with other Warrior Women!”

“The LIVE Q+As are amazing. I’ve shown up without questions before and still gotten tons of value from it (and often the conversation sparks questions.)”

“The content is great. The community is better.”

“This has been some of the biggest growth I’ve experienced, and everyone in this group helped me to be real and willing to do the hard work together. We truly are better together!”

“I’ve been going to the workshops, Q&As, etc. And they’ve been SO GOOD. Seriously I really, really recommend coming to these events LIVE because April personalizes what you need and the bouncing off of concepts and ideas with the other attendees creates such a cool environment. On second thought, don’t come! That’s just more personalized coaching and wisdom from April for me. Haha”

“The challenges help me stay focused on ONE BIG area of my wholeness every month.”

“So many badass women in one place…and such beautiful diversity.”

“I really need the reminders to practice wholeness in specific ways every month.”

Most women join with an annual membership to get the most of the experience!
Join with an affordable monthly membership or a discounted annual membership!
Most women join with an annual membership to get the most of the experience!
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